Bank and Finance

Financial services firms face exponential data growth, evolving regulations, increased competition, and fluctuating customer demands. Our unified platform of data integration and analytics provides the flexibility, extensibility and scalability to meet the needs of both IT and business users, supporting the broadest set of roles, use case requirements and data types. Built with web-scale technologies, Compuverde’s hyper converged datacenter solutions form the perfect foundation for financial services firms looking for profitable growth and improved competitiveness.

Best Practice Hyperconverged

PDF Hyperconverged: Best practice for deploying one unified, scale-out, software-defined storage solution in a virtualized environment.

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SAN Solution Brief

PDF Enterprise-class file system with features, performance and compatibility that no other SDS solution can match.

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Compuverde Products

PDF Compuverde vNAS or Hyperconverged.
This one-pager describes the difference.

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