Compuverde - Scalability & Flexibilty

What differentiates us from others? Scalability and flexibilty.

The solution - Features and benefits

The film takes you through how Compuverde software is the intelligent choice of storage platform today and tomorrow.


Handling the NAS problem: Compuverde does away with performance bottlenecks and stores metadata in the cluster instead of in the gateways.

Hyper-converged storage

Today, for a storage solution to be both efficient and future-proof, smart handling of virtualization is key. Compuverde takes this even further and delivers a scale-out virtualization solution that outshines the competition.

Technological approach

To Compuverde, software defined storage is both a state of mind and a practical approach. It's the foundation of our solution and what we believe will change the storage industry completely.

Software defined storage solution

The film introduces you to complete Compuverde software defined storage solution.

Demonstration using VMware

Compuverde demonstrates bootup of 1000 virtual machines and a live migration of a virtual machine, using VMware ESXi servers.