Technical Information

Compuverde Technical Overview

A look at the architecture and components of the Compuverde storage system.

Compuverde Technical Specifications

System, Management, File system and Storage Cluster Features.

Compuverde Protocol Compatibility

Test results summary, comparing Compuverde Scale-out Storage with the compatibility found in other storage solutions.

Compuverde SMB Compatibility

SMB Compatibility Specification and comparison to storage solutions based on Samba.

Virtual IP Overview

A description of how Compuverde Virtual IP work.

vNAS setup and Hyper-converged setup

A one pager that describes the differences with a vNAS and a Hyper-converged setup.

Compuverde Management REST API

For programmatically managing file system, file shares, users, groups, iSCSI targets/LUNs, file policies and manual snapshots.