Specs & data sheets

Traditional IT vs Compuverde

Go beyond traditional IT with Compuverde Software-Defined Storage.

Compuverde Product Brochure

Compuverde product sheet with technical specifications.

Compuverde Protocol Compatibility

Test results summary, comparing Compuverde Scale-out Storage with the compatibility found in other storage solutions.

Compuverde SMB Compatibility

SMB Compatibility Specification and comparison to storage solutions based on Samba.

Compuverde Best Practice: Hyperscale vNAS

Best Practice: Hyperscale NAS.

Compuverde Best Practice: Hyper-Converged

Best Practice for installing Compuverde scale-out storage in a virtualized environment.

Compuverde Best Practice: Metro Cluster

Best Practice for setting up a high-availability storage cluster.

Best Practice: Storage for Video Surveillance

Best Practice for setting up a high performing scale-out storage cluster for massive data loads and high availability.

Compuverde Technical Specifications

System, Management, File system and Storage Cluster Features.

Compuverde Technical Overview

A look at the architecture and components of the Compuverde storage system.

Compuverde Summary

Virtual IP Overview

A description of how Compuverde Virtual IP work.

Hybrid cloud overview

A short presentation of Compuverde's hybrid cloud.

vNAS setup and Hyper-converged setup

A one pager that describes the differences with a vNAS and a Hyper-converged setup.

Compuverde Management REST API

For programmatically managing file system, file shares, users, groups, iSCSI targets/LUNs, file policies and manual snapshots.

Mellanox Solution Brief

Compuverde and Mellanox - Future Included: An All-in-One Massively Scalable Solution with Unified File, Block and Object Storage.