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System features

Cluster features

Directory / File / Object features

Management features



System features
Compuverde Operation modes Scale-out NAS, Hyper-converged, Hybrid Cloud
Client operating system support Windows/Linux/Apple/Solaris
Management operating system support Windows
Server operating system Embedded CentOS 7
Hardware independent Yes
System architecture Active/Active N-node Cluster
Data addressing Structured / Unstructured / Block
Scalability Linear / Multiple Objectstore clusters each 100+ billion files = several exabytes
Metadata storage Within Objectstore cluster (no local metadata)
High availability > 99,999%
Elasticity Runtime changes of cluster size
Configuration distribution Automatic
Geographical disparity Latitude, Longitude, Altitude / Rack designation
Self-healing cluster support Yes (Automatic)
Automatic detection Node failure / Disk failure / Data inconsistency
Healing mode Background job
High performance Yes, many to many replication pattern
Virtual IP Yes
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Cluster features
Protocol support
SMB Yes (SMB1 / SMB2 / SMB3)
NFS Yes (v3 / v4.0 / v4.1 / pNFS)
OpenStack Swift Yes
OpenStack Cinder Yes
Amazon S3 Yes
Cache support RAM / SSD / NVMe
RAM write cache Yes (optional)
Cache mode write / read + write
Cache replication Yes (optional)
Multi-tenancy Yes
Virtual IP Yes
Rolling upgrade Yes
Autentication Local / Active Directory / NIS
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Directory / File / Object features
Data redundancy Copies / Erasure coding
Object copies 2-15 copies
Erasure coding Yes (2+1, 4+1, 6+1, 8+1, 10+1, 12+1 / 2+2, 4+2, 6+2, 8+2, 10+2 12+2 / 9+3, 10+6)
Policy Yes
Redundancy level Yes
Tier Yes
Retention R/W and WORM data
Granularity Per directory
Snapshot Yes (255 snapshots per directory)
Schedule Hour / Day / Week / Manually
Large file support Yes
Partial update of file Yes
Directory nestling Deep
Directory entries 1 000 000+
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Management features
Alarm Email
Logging System / Traffic
     Management tool Yes
     Syslog server Yes
Management API Yes
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