Recreate missing data

Comparison - Recreate missing structured data

With the Compuverde software installed there is no more need for inefficient time spent waiting to recreate missing structured data. In a stress test  1 000 000 structured objects were recreated, each 1 MB. The results show that Compuverde in 37 minutes recreates the same amount of data as two well-known industry competitors do in 77 and 360 minutes respectively.

Performance Replication 1


Performance -hdspecs -6x


Comparison - Recreate missing unstructured data

With the Compuverde object store software installed there is no more need for inefficient time spent waiting for the system to recreate missing unstructured data. In a stress test we instructed the Compuverde object store software to recreate 5 000 000 unstructured objects, each 1 MB in cluster with the following results: Compuverde 19 minutes with a well-known competitor doing the same in 447 minutes.


Performance Replication 2


Performance -hdspecs -24x