Why Compuverde vNAS (Network Attched Storage)?

You would like:

  • To be able to grow your storage capacity limitless within one file system. Just by adding a new server to your vNAS the capacity is growing.

  • Your business data is essential and therefore requires high redundancy. By using Compuverde vNAS as your storage solution instead of traditionell NAS you get a lot of different erasure coding options that provides you with a redundant storage solution with a very small data footprint.

  • To access all your data in the scale-out NAS from any of the servers in the cluster. With Compuverde vNAS you can access your file system from any server in the vNAS.

  • Get one unified storage solution. With support of all mayor protocols you are able to store and access all type of data and use any kind of application. Compuverde is extremly compatible with it's protocols which makes it suitable to use for all your applications or services.
  • Get as much performance as possible out of your storage solution. With Compuverde vNAS your storage solutions capacity is not only growing with every added server to the cluster, but also for instance the CPU and RAM aswell. This makes your low-end servers work together and achieve far better performance than is otherwise possible. With high-end servers performance will be even more impressive.

  • Be flexible with your choice of hardware. Compuverde vNAS is a fully software-defined and hardware agnostic storage solution and it can be installed on any hardware.


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