Why Compuverde Hyper-converged storage?

You would like:

  • Simplify and modernize the management of your virtual data center without compromise to choice in hardware or hypervisors. With Compuverde's Hyper-converged storage you can use hypervisors such as VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, OpenStack, KVM and Xen.

  • Get a flat architecture. Hyper-converged is about turning standard industry servers into a single pool of compute and stoage resources. Effectively creating a single, cost-effective and scalable resource pool. Hyperconverence takes all benefits of server virtualization and extends it for both compute AND storage.

  • Synchronize cache for fast live migration of VM's within your Hyper-converged storage solution.

  • Add thousands and thousands of VMs to the same cluster, eliminating the cost and hassle of building a cluster to accommodate data growth with Hyper-converged storage.

  • Get the ability to provision storage as fast as VM's with Hyper-converged storage.

  • Avoid virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) boot storms and similar storage issues.

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