Compuverde storage

The Compuverde proposition is based on a web-scale architecture delivering vNAS as well as hyper-converged storage for virtualization.

  • Scale out of virtual machines without compromises.
  • Start small and grow beyond today’s needs
  • Intelligent use of cache through flash storage compatibility
  • Full hypervisor compatibility
  • Multiple protocol integration

Software Portfolio

With Compuverde, you get a fully integrated and flexible storage solution completely built upon software defined principles. This results in an offering with a single file system spanning over all servers, providing full horizontal cache synchronization and delivering extreme performance, scalability and reliability – all with your existing hardware setup of choice – opening up for scaling towards exabytes of data. Regardless if that setup includes standard or premium class servers, solid state disks and more.


Compuverde's support for vNAS is opening up for exabytes of data with scalability up to many trillion files.

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Product - vNAS

Product - Scale-out Virtulization

Hyper-converged storage

Our product allows for full scale-out virtual environments and instant live migration.

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The film shows how Compuverde is solving storage needs for hundreds of nodes and trillions of files.


By delivering a product where the storage layer and gateway layer are co-located on the same server, the telecommunications industry, streaming media players and many more, get one extreme powerhouse of a big data solution.

With a single file system spanning over all servers a full horizontal cache synchronization will deliver extreme performance, scalability and reliability with standardized hardware as well as premium class servers, ssd and more.

Scenario_Enterprise _755

The illustration shows the storage layer and gateway layer on the same server. Read more about Compustorage here.


Fully meeting industry needs, Compuverde suits performance as well as capacity scenarios

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Regardless if your big data solution runs on Windows or Linux, Compuverde will work perfectly

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Delivering on both standard and premium hardware, Compuverde always proves a sound investment

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The patented solution is built for growth and delivers equally well with 4 as well as 400 servers

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