Metro Cluster

Metro cluster

Enterprise-grade, absolute high-availability solution designed to tolerate the loss of an entire datacenter. Perfect for mission-critical applications that demand zero downtime.

The Compuverde Metro Cluster is a simple, multi-site configuration that offers complete redundancy to support mission-critical data and applications. Data is synchronously mirrored and distributed to two independent physical locations.


  • Active-Active cluster
  • Sub 2 ms between locations
  • No single point of failure

All the nodes on both the primary and secondary datacenter are available to the clients

One single file system spans both datacenters and is available to applications and users inside and to the outside through Ethernet. The storage keeps itself internally synchronized, horizontally throughout the cluster and vertically down to the physical storage so that all nodes in both locations will have the same consistent view of the unified file system for all reads, writes and updates.

All nodes share the same tasks and responsibility. There is no complicated central orchestration, special purpose hardware or potential bottlenecks.

Data is mirrored to the two locations, then applied erasure coding to further ensure that each sub-cluster is protected. Should you lose an entire location, data is secured and service will be provided through the other location.


  1. Install the software on each node
  2. Create the storage cluster
  3. Activate Metro

The Metro configuration can be utilized with both Compuverde vNAS and Hyper-Converged Storage. 


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vNAS     Hyper-Converged Storage

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