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Hybrid Cloud

Addressing the need for multi-location storage functionalities, Compuverde Async Replication combines the true flexibility of Compuverde Software-Defined Storage, with the ability to replicate data between multiple data centers, any distance apart.

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Async Replication supports disaster recovery scenarios where snapshots from one data center can be mounted on up to two different locations. These locations can be connected over the internet, getting rid of strict network requirements. And with no ‘hardware compatibility’ lists, you are completely free to choose your setup. When you add additional locations, all will immediately make use of the features and benefits that a solution from Compuverde offers. After setup, incremental snapshots are synchronized across multiple locations, over the internet. The files can have different erasure encoding, further enabling you to reduce data footprint and have added flexibility to your storage system.

Should you ever be in a situation where one or more data centers are lost, you will be able to restore data from snapshots located at one of the remaining data centers and be up and running in no time.

Compuverde offers high performance, low latency and linear scaling of resources with unbeatable cost savings on CAPEX and OPEX. With the Hybrid Cloud solution, we are developing on these efforts by using a mechanism for partial file updates to utilize minimum network bandwidth while maintaining complete synchronization between file shares at various data sites. Hence, with the next generation Hybrid Cloud, you can forget about all the complexities of maintaining data at different sites and concentrate on growing your business.


  • 2 x Compuverde vNAS clusters
  • Internet connection

The film introduces you Compuverde and globally distributed data.


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Async Replication

PDF Compuverde Async Replication combines the true flexibility of Compuverde Software-Defined Storage with the ability to connect multiple locations.

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