Unified Storage - one solution, all use cases

Combines file system, block storage & object storage. Future proof, hardware-agnostic & massively scalable, using standardized storage servers as building blocks. Scale out from four nodes.

Unified Storage All Flash 1500

One Product - four deployment modes:

Mode Vnas 800
Install on physical servers. Start small and scale-out to hundreds of nodes.

Mode Hyperconverged 800
Computing and storage in one, using hypervisors such as ESXi. Hyper-V, KVM and Xen.

Mode Metro 800
Improved redundancy by stretching your cluster over two locations in the same LAN.
Metro Cluster

Mode Hybridcloud 800
Synchronization between multiple locations for fast Disaster Recovery.
Async Replication

Compuverde Scale-out storage delivers a cost efficient storage with fully featured unified file system on top. Each node in the cluster is a self-sustained server installed with Compuverde vNAS software. The file system spans all nodes in the cluster, consistently available through any node and through any of the major protocols. This makes for a storage system that is self healing, flexible and fully automated – packed with essential features for flexibility, safety and security.

Feature Packed 2018 2216

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