Wateen Information Technology

Compuverde Products:

vNAS and Hyperconverged solutions

WATEEN Information Technology is a premier provider of advanced communications and networking solutions to organizations of all sizes in Jordan and the Middle East.

WATEEN Information Technology implement and manage the technology that allows enterprises to effectively communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere and deliver the intelligent infrastructure that ensures performance and real-time sharing of information. They inspire the technology solutions that position organizations to accelerate growth and success.

WATEEN Information Technology design and implement solutions for Service Providers to enable them to save on bandwidth, better understand network traffic, increase customer satisfaction, mitigate the proliferation of malicious traffic, manage network congestion, and deliver QoS-prioritized multimedia services.

Core practice areas: Cabling and Intelligent Network Infrastructure, Data Centers, Enterprise Communications, Network and Data Security, WAN Optimization, Deep Packet Inspection, Caching and Application Delivery, Training Services and bespoke application development.

Website: http://www.wit-jo.info/