IT Global Hub & Telecoms

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vNAS and Hyperconverged solutions

IT Global Hub and Telecoms Limited is an Information and Communications Technology Company, a leading provider of IT Infrastructure solutions with vast knowledge and expertise in numerous systems integration deployments.

Established 2011, IT Global Hub and Telecoms Limited has earned a reputation for high performance and reliability that is based on providing time managed products delivery with a clear mission to provide the best services while striving to exceed the expectations.

Providing high end network technology solutions to enterprises and service providers in the areas of: Network design and restructuring, Network ‘’Green-field’’ Design and Implementation, Network performance Optimization, Network audits and assessment, Network and application management, and Configuration auditing and compliance.

The focus is on providing end to end high performance IT solutions for both the enterprise environment as well as the services provider environment. A key consideration is the customer’s investment protection; this is highlighted via the equipment’s superior performance, functionality and upgrade paths.


IT Global Hub & Telecoms Ltd.