Object store specification

System features
Operating system support Linux/Windows
Hardware independent Yes
System architecture Symmetric
Data addressing Unstructured 128-bit
Scalability Linear / 100+ PB / 100+ billion objects
High availability > 99,999%
Elasticity Runtime changes of cluster size
Policy & redundancy granularity Per object
Cluster features
Unstructured protocol API (flat 128-bit) C++ / .NET / PHP / Python / Ruby on Rails
Geographical disparity Latitude, Longitude, Altitude / Rack designation
  Self-healing cluster support
Automatic detection No failure / Disk failure / Data inconsistency
Healing mode Background job
High performance Yes, many to many replication pattern
Cache support None / SSD / Volatile
Configuration distrubution Automatic
Recycle bin support Yes
Write patterns Commit all copies / Write and replicate
Object features
Versioning support 1-15 versions
Data redundancy Object copies / Erasure coding
Object copies 2-15 copies
Erasure coding 6/9, 10/16
Retention R/W and WORM data
Tier support Yes
Policy Redundancy level / Versioning / Retention / Tier
Partial update of object Yes
Management features
Firmware update Runtime upgrade of firmware / Rolling upgrade
Alarm SNMP / E-Mail
Statistics SNMP / SMI-S*
  Logging System/Traffic
Management tool Yes
Syslog server Yes