Efficient storage of unstructured data

The film introduces you to Compuverde Object Store.

The need for efficient storing and organizing of both unstructured and structured data increases each day. The online behaviour among consumers, companies and big enterprise has changed rapidly the last couple of years - and today's situation is surely here to stay.

Today, we all perform common data-driven activities on a daily basis, e.g. usage of social media; audio & video consumption and e-mailing. All these activities need efficient storage 24/7/365. The need of extreme storage solutions has never been greater.

According to the latest study performed by IDC in 2011 a gigantic mass of 1.8 zettabytes of information would be created and replicated during 2011. That's an increase of over 0.8 zettabytes in just a year, a tremendously fast pace.

Their conclusion was - "Big data is here - now what?"

An object store solution for Big Data

Compuverdes Object Store solution for management of unstructured data (bitmap & textual objects) is an extremely scalable, flexible and environmental friendly software based on cloud computing.

Compuverde Object Store software enables robust and redundant object storage using clusters of standardized servers in order to store petabytes of accessible data.

  • Compuverde Object Store runs on commodity hardware
  • Uses linear scaling for extreme storage needs.
  • Designed for both cloud services and corporate use.
  • Easy-to-manage environment for big data solutions
  • Cuts energy consumption with at least 50 %
  • Achieves high availability for production environment use
  • Hardware independent symmetric architecture

Compuverde Object Store is a powerful and flexible software solution that simplifies the task of managing object storage of unstructured data of up to 100+ petabytes and beyond. Compuverde Object Store provides the highest storage reliability and availability at the lowest possible cost.

 Object Store Overview

Illustration shows Compuverde's Object store overview

Object Store is a part of Compuverdes complete product suite for big data management. The suite also includes Compuverde Gateway, a unique solution for storage and management of structured data in combination with Compuverde Object Store.


A patented storage solution for unstructured data

The Compuverde Object Store software features patented and patent-pending technology that is optimized for multi-terabyte disk drives. The proprietary technology is substantially less costly compared to traditional solutions, and enables comparable reductions in power usage.

The self-managing and self-healing design scales to 100′s of Petabytes with virtually no management effort.

Object _store _unstructured _data_

Illustration shows unstructured storage where data is identified by an ID, one of many application area of use for Compuverde solution.


Compuverde Object store is 400 % more read / write efficient

Compuverdes Object Store software is constantly tested and optimized. In several tests we have achieved extreme efficiency wins in both read and write tests compared to competitors solutions for unstructured data.

Read more about Compuverdes Object Store read & write performance here.


2 000 % faster recreation of missing unstructured data

With the Compuverde Object Store software installed there is no more need for inefficient time spent waiting for the system to recreate missing data. In a stress test we instructed the Object Store software to recreate 5 000 000 unstructured objects, each 1 MB in cluster with the following result: 

Unstructured replication 

Greener data with Compuverdes Object Store solution

Lastly, but not least, the software developed by Compuverde will help your business to lower your energy costs. By making it possible for organizations to choose environmental friendly green hardware it is possible to reduce energy consumption with up to 50 % which equals greener data.

In 2020 the storage needs among companies will be 50 times bigger and the number of file and objects that data centres will need to handle will grow (at least) 75 times.

Is your company ready for highly efficient data storage?


The Compuverde solution is built with linear scalability and symmetric architecture.

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Hardware independent

No need for the latest or the fastest hardware - Compuverde's technology runs on any type.

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Telecom grade

The Compuverde solution is engineered to meet or exceed "five nines" standards.

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Self-healing cluster

All data is stored in multiple copies and possibly geographically separated locations within the cluster.

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