Extreme scale-out mode

Every data center has different needs. Some have higher compute demands, others acute storage requirements.

The solution: Compuverde separated mode, delivering extreme configurability to meet extreme demands. When the gateway layer and storage layer run separately, data centers have powerful flexibility to handle tomorrow's data center demands. Flexibility and scalability to meet your demanding needs.


Separated Configuration


Compute and capacity configuration

The configuration is very flexible and can be used in a compute configuration to meet compute demands with sustained performance, or in a capacity configuration, to meed extreme storage needs.


Separate -mode -performance

Separate -mode -capacity


Suitable for all industies

The solution is extremely suitable for both storage and cloud service providers as well as surveillance and medical data archiving. The Compuverde software eliminates the need for otherwise limiting proxy- and meta-data servers, resulting in a 100% symmetrical solution without any single entry points.

In order to achieve a greater elasticity, the solution is based on Multicast rather than DHT - having the effect that data write patterns are much more dynamic, making it possible to, depending on attributes, place objects in the most suitable tier. Policies can be set on individual objects and based on runtime-statistics. A smart choice of servers for read and write is applied, avoiding otherwise potential data hotspots.

The elasticity of the solution also has the effect that you’re not forced to re-balance your cluster when you’re changing the cluster size and the full support of Erasure-coding means you will reduce the data footprint in your datacenter dramatically.


The film shows how Compuverde is solving the need for extreme storage.