Our solution will help you reduce costs

Stefan Bernbo talking to employee

Using a number of cheap, low performing storage units and forming them into a high performance storage cloud is the main way of keeping costs down. The use of a symmetric architecture eliminates bottlenecks that are the weak links and a potentially costly part of traditional storage solutions.


With no single points of failure and no performance bottlenecks to protect it is possible to choose cheaper off-the-shelf low energy hardware.

To be able to scale horizontally the software in the storage cluster has to be designed to make the storage nodes independent of each other, but at the same time cooperate to form a homogenous storage cluster.

The Compuverde software is designed to do all that. The software is designed from a point of view that everything will break sooner or later and handle these errors transparently towards the users. That's what makes it possible to select cheaper off-the-shelf green hardware.

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