Hardware agnostic

Test environment with OE

Compuverde's software-defined storage solution jettisons the need for expensive hardware. By bringing reliability and performance to the software level, telcos, service providers and large enterprises are able to choose lower-energy, lower-cost commodity hardware without sacrificing speed.

Data storage of today is creating a much greater demand on infrastructures, that way pushing for instant access to areas such as compute, storage and network. This pushing for new incentives to adopt cloud technologies. All due to the fact that the flexibility needed, simply can't be obtained with a traditional hardware-centric approach.

The Compuverde software runs on standard commodity storage hardware and servers without a lock-in to a specific vendor and/or technology. Customers can add additional hardware of choice as needed to scale performance and capacity over time. To compensate for hardware which could be prone to error or failure, the software is designed and implemented to support several types hardware failure.

With a hardware agnostic solution from Compuverde, your organisation will be able to fully defy the IT boundaries many businesses find themselves stuck to. Suddenly, direction and decisions around your hardware investments, can be revised and continuously optimized rather than being the result of the rigid reality of yesterday.


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