Greener data

Data centers around the world have one thing in common - they all use up a lot of energy. It ranges from a few kW for some racks of servers to tens and tens of MW for bigger facilities. For larger facilities within the industry, more than 10% of the total cost of ownership can be accounted to electricity consumption. Some experts are now saying that in the near future the cost for power alone in data centers will exceed the initial capital investments made.

Cloud computing is often recognized as a "greener alternative" but although the opposite, local storage en masse, could be considered a worse alternative, the energy consumption for cloud solutions is still considerate.

We can easily assume that higher and higher capacity in the networks will allow for even greater amounts of data being transferred. And the bigger the data volumes get, the bigger the data centers become. Therefore, smarter, more environmentally friendly solutions focusing on delivery as well on reducing energy consumption, will be more and more prominent in the market.

The software developed by Compuverde will help businesses lower their energy costs with up to 50% - by making it possible for organizations to choose environmental friendly green hardware.

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