Set your data free



By using Compuverde, moving your data storage, processing and distribution to a cloud environment is no longer a far-fetched vision but a viable and effective alternative. Through virtualization you are no longer bound by physical servers, data halls and more, but can instead focus on delivering on your business promises.

A solution using Compuverde therefore eliminates the risk of massive upfront IT investments and instead allows you to focus on running your big data storage initiative completely hardware independent and with full scale-out possibilities. Data volumes are no longer restrained by the physical size of your data center but could instead be considered near-inifinite and available wherever you are whenever you need it.

Research from IDC projects installed raw storage to exceed 7 zettabytes (each zettabyte equals 1 million petabytes) by 2017 as part of a total 16 ZB digital universe. The need for storage capacity and space will continue to increase dramatically. And therefore - soon, your data center most likely need to be expanded.


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