Cache support

Compuverde cache support

A vNAS from Compuverde takes full advantage of systems with built-in cache. When a user reads or writes data, Compuverde allows for access to the cache storage. Each cache is synchronized horizontally with the others, and for full protection, the data is then replicated across multiple nodes, before de-staging data from the cache.

With Compuverde, the cache is also at all times synchronized vertically with the persistent storage layer.

RAM cache support

We at Compuverde realize your need for a cost-effective storage solution and have designed a smart solution that allows you to use excess RAM as cache for your cluster. Compuverde’s intelligent software keeps track of the load of your system and adjusts the amount of RAM cache used based on the run-time statistics.
Through this unique feature, you are able to reuse upto 50% of your redundant RAM as cache and what better to be able leave the complexity of allotting the RAM cache to a dynamic software that keeps track of your load. 


Cache -support


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