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Telecom graded

Hardware agnostic
Flash compliant



At Compuverde we believe in fundamentally changing the storage industry by applying a pure software defined mindset upon a compustorage solution, providing a completely new level of scale-out virtualization and vNAS.


Compuverde - Software-defined storage

All made in a 100% software-defined storage way, Compuverde’s Gateway solution is able to store data more effectively than ever.


The film presents Compuverde's storage solution.

Data growth

15 petabytes of new data is being created every day, according to CIO Magazine and IDC is predicting a growth in data volumes at a rate of nearly 60% per year. 

Predictions show that cloud storage will grow significantly with Gartner Group predicting that 60% of the traditional data center storage will be moved to the cloud by 2018. And this is where Compuverde comes in.

By using Compuverde's Object Store software you will be able to develop your existing storage solution by combining your present hardware setup with new green of the shelf hardware of your choice. At the same time your entire storage solution will be more energy efficient.

Cloud service

Cloud Computing creates new demands

The introduction of cloud computing brought with it new demands on storage solutions. Until recently, a file system was a given part of traditional storage solutions. But no longer. Most cloud services have different needs on how to structure the data used in the service. Needs that cannot be efficiently met using a file system. The result is that data structure and metadata are stored in databases or similar technologies. Compuverde's Object Store and Gateway solution meet all the new demands in an extreme way, both for structured and unstructured data.

Efficiency is one of Compuverde's prestige words and according to several benchmark tests against competitor solutions our software slashes time spent waiting for e.g. data recovery with up to 5 000 %.

New possibilities for storage solutions

Compuverde's software solution opens up new possibilities for you to create unique storage solutions that differ greatly from traditional solutions and that align more closely with the vision of cloud computing. Instead of using high-end servers as storage nodes, a number of cheap nodes can be used together. These form an extremely reliable and scalable storage solution.

And in addition to this, this also enables you to choose greener hardware at all times. This will both make a great impact on your company´s environmental footprint and expenses for energy.


Cloudservice -enterprise


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Self-healing cluster

All data is stored in multiple copies and possibly geographically separated locations within the cluster.

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Forget all about boot storms - with Compuverde, load is distributed evenly to all storage nodes.

sidModul - Virtualization

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Hardware independent

No need for the latest or the fastest hardware - Compuverde's technology runs on any type.

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The Compuverde solution is built with linear scalability and symmetric architecture.

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Telecom grade

The Compuverde solution is engineered to meet or exceed "five nines" standards.

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Easy to use management tool

Manage, monitor and control the entire cluster from any node through a simple graphical user interface.

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Any workload, any application

PDF The Compuverde scale-out storage solution integrates seamlessly into virtually any storage solution. See the Vembu & Compuverde joint solution brief.

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