Eliminate silos and get the best time to value running on a single cost-effective scale-out solution. Make your job easier by simplifying VM and storage provisioning for your virtualization environment with Compuverde Hyper-converged storage.

As a parallel load is spread out over all nodes in the hyper-converged storage cluster, your storage setup is made much more scalable and data is put much closer to the CPU and virtual machines, delivering both low latency and extremely high IOPS. Deploying virtual machines on many gateways allows full scale-out virtual environments and instant live migration in your VMware, KVM or Hyper-V environment.


"...I will for the first time in ten years have the infrastructure I planned for ten years ago."

Senior Solution Designer, Siemens



Why Hyper-converged storage?

  • To combine compute, networking, virtualization and an efficient and prolonged storage solution together; improving the performance at the same time.
  • To reach extreme high IOPS load and low latency simultaneously.
  • To avoid VDI boot storms and similar storage issues.
  • To reduce power and space consumption.



Best Practice Hyperconverged

PDF Hyperconverged: Best practice for deploying one unified, scale-out, software-defined storage solution in a virtualized environment.

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SAN Solution Brief

PDF Enterprise-class file system with features, performance and compatibility that no other SDS solution can match.

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Compuverde Products

PDF Compuverde vNAS or Hyperconverged.
This one-pager describes the difference.

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Any workload, any application

PDF The Compuverde scale-out storage solution integrates seamlessly into virtually any storage solution. See the Vembu & Compuverde joint solution brief.

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Case Study UAC OWL

PDF Compuverde vNAS enables university to consolidate storage silos into one unified storage platform

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