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Whether you're a service provider, with offerings that includes managed enterprise applications, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), data protection as a service (DPaaS), or software as a service (SaaS) you can forget all about boot storms and similar storage issues – Compuverde will help you provide  and deliver a wider range of innovative, differentied, and very profitable serives.

With a hyper-converged storage solution from Compuverde, load is distributed evenly to all storage nodes instead of just the one entry point. And with that, all access problems are eliminated while improving speed at the same time, furthermore making the most of systems with integrated cache, delivering extreme IOPS load. And through full horizontal synchronization, the highest possible availability is achieved.


"Compuverde just managed to make storage simple, without sacrificing neither features nor performance.”

Mathis Nybo, CTO, WWI



Compuverde’s Cloud Service use cases include:

  • Managed security
  • Disaster recovery and tiered storage
  • Flexible environments for test and development

Keys to service provider success: efficiency, flexibility, and scale

Solutions designed to help you create cost-effective, compelling technology services:

  • Partnership across a broad provider ecosystem
  • Systems optimized for your workloads
  • Flexible financing models to enable smart growth
  • Efficient, scalable infrastructure options that reduce service delivery costs
  • Linear scaling – increasing both capacity and performance




A data replication setup using Compuverde’s patented software solution, is through both performance and reliability outshining other potential setups. Should for instance a data center in one part of the world suddenly break down, Compuverde’s solution allows for all communication to be seamlessly migrated to the next most suitable datacenter in the cluster. The data transfer is constant, and even more important - the data center provider have the possibility to continue to deliver a positive user experience. And should you add yet another location and datacenter to your setup, all will immediately make use of the features and benefits that a solution from Compuverde offers. Using the solution also has the effect that ownership of the master data can move between different data centers depending on the last location for execution.


The solution is extremely suitable for both storage and cloud service providers as well as surveillance and medical data archiving. The Compuverde software eliminates the need for otherwise limiting proxy- and meta-data servers, resulting in a 100% symmetrical solution without any single entry points.

In order to achieve a greater elasticity, the solution is based on Multicast rather than DHT - having the effect that data write patterns are much more dynamic, making it possible to, depending on attributes, place objects in the most suitable tier. Policies can be set on individual objects and based on runtime-statistics. A smart choice of servers for read and write is applied, avoiding otherwise potential data hotspots.


As in Compuverde parallel load is spread out over all nodes in the hyper-converged storage cluster, your storage setup is made much more scalable and data is put much closer to the CPU and virtual machines, delivering both low latency and extremely high IOPS. Deploying virtual machines on many gateways allows full scale-out virtual environments and instant live migration in your VMware, KVM or Hyper-V environment.

Get a flat architecture. Hyper-converged is about turning standard industry servers into a single pool of compute and storage resources. Effectively creating a single, cost-effective and scalable resource pool. Hyper convergence takes all benefits of server virtualization and extends it for both compute AND storage.


Synchronize cache for fast live migration of VM's within your Hyper-converged storage solution. With Compuverde, the cache is also at all times synchronized vertically with the persistent storage layer.


Add thousands and thousands of VMs to the same cluster, eliminating the cost and hassle of building a cluster to accommodate data growth with Hyper-converged storage. Get the ability to provision storage as fast as VM's with Hyper-converged storage. Avoid virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) boot storms and similar storage issues.



Scale without Overprovisioning

Every data center has different needs. Some have higher compute demands, others acute storage requirements.

The solution:

Compuverde separated mode, delivering extreme configurability to meet extreme demands. When the gateway layer and storage layer run separately, data centers have powerful flexibility to handle tomorrow's data center demands. Flexibility and scalability to meet your demands.

Cost Efficient:

Multi-tenancy allows for cost savings over and above the basic economies of scale achievable from consolidating IT resources into a single operation. An application usually incurs a certain amount of memory, CPU and storage which processing overhead that can be substantial when multiplied by many customers, especially if the customers are small. Multi-tenancy reduces this overhead by distributing many file systems over the same hardware.

Data Protection:

Scale-out storage from Compuverde takes full advantage of systems with built-in cache. When a user reads or writes data, Compuverde allows for access to the cache storage. Each cache is synchronized horizontally with the others, and for full protection, the data is then replicated across multiple nodes, before de-staging data from the cache.



"Compuverde was the perfect fit for all our requirements, not only does their solution scale extremely well, but there is no need for forklift upgrades: Every time we need to scale, we now have the option of rethinking our hardware choices, taking advantage of new hardware without having to replace our entire storage environment. This for us is extremely important as it helps us stay ahead in our industry and to keep up with all the new hardware trends, but without having to constantly perform expensive forklift upgrades.
The solution from Compuverde is extremely simple to install, configure and manage, theres no longer a need for our engineers to attend week-long courses in “SAN Management”. The management tool is just that easy to get started with, and with little to no training, an Engineer can manage the solution on a day to day basis.
My impression throughout the entire project, and which have only been reinforced in how well the solution has been running and performing. Is that: Compuverde just managed to make storage simple, without sacrificing neither features nor performance.

Having worked with a lot of vendors throughout the years, it has been a pleasure to work with Compuverde and their support team. With the few issues and questions we had during our Proof-of-concept, their team has gone above and beyond in helping us. We have already begun looking into other areas of our Hosting where we can benefit from deploying Compuverde."

- Mathis Nybo, CTO, WWI

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