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Storage needs for the media and entertainment business are different than data storage needs in other industries. They generate huge amounts of data on a daily basis and with increasing need for improved media quality, data-intensive formats are employed that generate even more volumes of data.

The storage infrastructure in the entertainment business should be flexible, high performing and reliable. It should provide data reliability and must offer a highly available solution at all times, to deal with large amounts of data transfer 24/7/365.


“Compuverde is satisfaction on all levels. The cost-efficiency and performance of the Compuverde solution is just not comparable.”

Anton Johansson, Co-founder and Director of IT Infrastucture, Istudios Visuals



High Performance, Highly Available, Self healing cluster

Scaling your storage infrastructure using Compuverde, results in a linear increase in the average performance in your cluster. Also, hardware failure does not affect data access as data is distributed over all nodes.

Furthermore, when a disk or a storage node breaks down, the cluster self-heals by recreating the missing data in the clusters’ free-space without almost no decrease in the storage capacity. And with multiple-entry points into your file system, boot-storms and other potential performance bottlenecks are removed, resulting in a solution that is available 24/7/365.


Easy setup and Management

Setup Compuverde through a five step process and manage, monitor and control the entire cluster from any node using our simple graphical user interface. Tasks like reading statistics, changing configurations, monitoring logs and rolling out new firmware updates, is made easy and possible during runtime without any effects on availability or performance of the storage cluster.

"Moving to Compuverde has had a positive impact throughout the whole company, from team satisfaction to the reduction of OPEX and a huge reduction of latency just waiting for files to be read or written. 
With vNAS, our team gets improvements on everything from performance, to agility, capacity, and redundancy. Performance and capacity are no longer tethered to a storage provider’s hardware limitations and policies. Compuverde’s unique approach to software-defined storage frees us to provide better service to our customers today.
The benefits of Compuverde have gone far beyond the realm of storage. I view Compuverde as a partner that is helping us fulfill our business potential and win in the marketplace,”

Anton Johansson, Co-Founder and Director of IT-infrastructure, Istudios

Go Beyond

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Technical Specifications

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Case Study Istudios

PDF Istudios Visuals: "With 10Gbit copper we get greater performance, allowing us to have real-time playback and editing even for 5K raw footage"

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