Use Cases

MediaMedia & Entertainment

Storage needs for the media and entertainment business are different than data storage needs in other industries. They generate huge amounts of data on a daily basis and with increasing need for improved media quality, data-intensive formats are employed that generate even more volumes of data.

The storage infrastructure in the entertainment business should be flexible, high performing and reliable. It should be provide data reliability and must offer a highly available solution at all times, to deal with large amounts of data transfer 24/7/365.

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ServiceService Provider

Whether you're a service provider, work in the telco industry or run a public data center, you can forget all about boot storms or similar storage issues – with a hyper-converged storage solution from Compuverde, load is distributed evenly to all storage nodes instead of just the one entry point. And with that, all access problems are eliminated while improving speed at the same time, furthermore making the most of systems with integrated cache, delivering extreme IOPS load. And through full horizontal synchronization, the highest possible availability is achieved.


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SurveillanceVideo Surveillance

Video surveillance involves archiving data from the security cameras, 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year. With current support for 1080p HD and newer 4K megapixel video formats, the data obtained from cameras place a lot of load on the underlying storage system. The storage must be flexible enough to accommodate different configurations of data and exhibit high performance of read/write operations. It is an added bonus if the solution is cost effective and easily scalable to accommodate an increase in the number of surveillance cameras in the future.


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BackupBackup & DR

Service-interrupting events can happen at any time. Your system could have a blackout, your most recent application push might introduce a scathing bug. At the same time, risks affecting business continuity have increased, taking the form of Internet-based attacks, natural disasters, geo-political insecurity, or failure of some critical aspect of increasingly complex IT infrastructure. At the point when things go astray, it's critical to have a robust, targeted and a well-tested disaster recovery plan.


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Eliminate silos and get the best time to value running on a single cost-effective scale-out solution. Make your job easier by simplifying VM and storage provisioning for your virtualzation environment with Compuverde Hyper-converged storage.

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FinanceFinancial services

Financial services firms face exponential data growth, evolving regulations, increased competition, and fluctuating customer demands. Our unified platform of data integration and analytics provides the flexibility, extensibility and scalability to meet the needs of both IT and business users, supporting the broadest set of roles, use case requirements and data types. Built with web-scale technologies, Compuverde’s hyper converged datacenter solutions form the perfect foundation for financial services firms looking for profitable growth and improved competitiveness.