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WWI is a high quality Managed Service Provider with a history of 24 years in the industry, their main focus is to manage their customers' IT installations. Two years ago, WWI joined the Veeam Cloud Connect program. This is a product and a program where service providers provide offsite backup storage to on premise customers. WWI needed a suitable and solid back-end storage solution for their new Cloud Connect solution.

WWI was looking for a storage solution where they did not have to manage small storage spaces. They started to examine distributed storage systems like Microsoft Storage Spaces and Ceph, in addition to standalone servers with DAS. But the traditional approach to storage 'just wasn't enough'. Compuverde then came into the picture and offered flexibility and the performance the other solutions lacked.

  •  4x Performance
  • TCO  lowered by 50%
  • Easy to manage
  • HIgh Performace
  • Easy to scale

"The platform is so easy that we don’t need to think about it – sometimes we login to the management just to see that it’s still there ..."

Mathis Nybo CTO of WWI 


Full Case Study


Case Study WWI

PDF WWI: "Every time we need to scale, we now have the option of rethinking our hardware choices, taking advantage of new hardware without having to replace our entire storage environment"

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