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Istudios Visuals is a post-production company that loves to express itself in cinematography, motion graphics and visual effects. Istudios Visuals produces motion graphics, commercials and 3D for companies in all industries and sizes.

Business challenge

With the company’s strong background in post-production and motion graphics, Istudios Visuals previously relied on a single NAS solution for storage of all its media content. They were constant shuffling content between the various storage solutions depending on their needs. This system had no high availability, complicating maintenance and scalability. With an extremely high rate of daily data creation along with high throughput requirements from network clients, performance and capacity issues arose. 


Moving to Compuverde vNAS with a midclass 8-core processor along with an Intel NVMe SSDs, Istudios was able to solve all thier storage needs. 

  • 9.6x increased IOPS
  • Real-time editing and playback for 5K raw footage
  • Reduced TCO
  • Ability to scale as you like
  • Choose hardware you your choice


"With Compuverde vNAS, the Istudios Visuals team gets improvement on everything from performance, to agility, capacity and redundancy. Just the ability to completely skip offline editing and use of proxies says it all!"

Co-founder and Director of IT-Infrastructure, Istudios Visuals


Full Case Study


Case Study Istudios

PDF Istudios Visuals: "With 10Gbit copper we get greater performance, allowing us to have real-time playback and editing even for 5K raw footage"

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