Two Day Technology Seminar in Dubai

Digilogix hosted a two day technology seminar at Millennium Plaza Hotel, Dubai, on May 22-23. It was an event with software-defined storage provider Compuverde, backup & DR vendor Vembu and hardware provider Supermicro. The two days were divided into one Partner's Day and one Customer's Day.

Dubai002bCompuverde made a technical presentation followed by a live demo. There was a hands on lab for the visitors to interact with Compuverde storage through the easy-to-use, all-in-one-place GUI. The feedback was that it is surprisingly easy to get started and easy to use. As important is the cost-savings and how to achieve a scalable, high performance and cost effective storage platform. Compuverde VP Carl-Henric Möllerström explains: Storage needs are doubled every 18-24 months while IT budgets remain flat. This results in IT administrations looking for new technologies that will accommodate all their demands as well as being cost effective. This is what forces a paradigm shift from legacy storage towards software-defined storage, a much more scalable and cost effective way to handle storage and data centers.


The two day seminar was very successful and helped us forge greater ties with our EMEA partners. We are pleased to see the increased interest in software-defined storage and vNAS, with several system integrators joining the Compuverde partner program.

We would like to thank everyone who made the event a great success.

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