Scalable NAS clusters with EUROstor ES-7000vNAS

EUROstor’s new ES-7000vNAS series offers scalability up to the Exabyte range with highest performance and variable redundancy.

By using a decentralized and symmetrical architecture all nodes possess the same functionality and responsibility. Therefore no nodes with special duties (meta data, management, etc.) are required, thus allowing for a simple and smooth expansion up to several hundred nodes and up to the Exabyte range.

Even with only 4 nodes it is possible to establish a vNAS cluster. Subsequently, with increasing storage space requirements, the cluster may be expanded by individual nodes. This will not only provide more disk space but will increase performance in a linear manner, since every node is a full-fledged server with CPU, RAM, SSD and Ethernet interfaces.

Data redundancy will be established in the central management and may be regulated separately per share. Redundancy is backed up either by object copies or by erasure coding.
For connection to the host all current NAS protocols, as e.g. NFS (v3, v4.0, v4.1, pNFS) and CIFS (SMB1, SMB2, SMB3) are supported. As a result of their own protocol programming Compuverde achieves highest compatibility and performance. Moreover, vNAS can also be used as a cloud storage with OpenStack and Amazon S3.

In order to ensure optimum reliability and performance, EUROstor ES-7000 storage systems on a Supermicro X10 Basis with Intel Xeon E5v3 CPUs, Intel DC P3700 PCIe SSDs, 10Gbit Ethernet and 12Gbit SAS Backplane with up to 36 hard disks per node are employed.

"Demand for really scalable central on-the-fly storage solutions has been existing with our customers for a long time", says Franz Bochtler, general manager of EUROstor. "With our new partner Compuverde we are able to offer them a solution which is not only financially viable but which is superior to many other options as far as performance is concerned."

“I’m very excited about the partnership with EUROstor and to see what we can do for our mutual customers. I believe the combination of EUROstor’s hardware and Compuverde’s software will make value leading offerings, both in terms of price per capacity and price per IOPS without any compromises“, says Carl-Henric Möllerström, Vice President Compuverde.

The price for a ES-7000 node equipped with 12 Nearline SAS hard disks of 4TB each, Intel DC P3700 400GB SSD, 2x 10Gbit Ethernet, etc., amounts to € 9,390.00 without VAT (€ 11,174.10 including VAT). Four of these nodes will be sufficient for setting up a cluster.

About EUROstor:
EUROstor has been manufacturer of storage systems for more than 10 years, located in Filderstadt near Stuttgart (Germany). Main products are EUROstor RAID systems and server based storage solutions sold to professional end users all over Europe.

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