Compuverde vNAS version 1.5 is here!

The industry's most user friendly and versatile software-defined storage solution has just become even better, packed with new features and functionality.

Version 1.5 features support for Net-SNMP, remote syslog server, encryption, driver pack integration for easier installation, vLAN and separate subnets to handle multiple file systems on the same hardware.

New features

  • Driver pack integration for easier installation and future upgrades
  • Usage statistics, visible in the management tool and available through the API
  • Introduction of VLAN and separate subnets for multiple file systems on the same storage
  • Support for remote syslog server
  • Net-SNMP enabled on each Compuverde node
  • Encryption data-at-rest XTS-AES 256 bit key – one each file system
  • New retention policy on access time
  • IP filters now for SMB, NFS and iSCSI
  • NNTP limited command set for back end storage


  • Improved functionality for taking out and reinserting nodes on-the-fly
  • iSCSI LUN size now expandable to 64 TB each
  • SMB added support for version 3.1.1

For existing systems, please upgrade to 1.3.454 before going to 1.5.xx.
See My Compuverde for details.

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