Istudio gains high performance & cost savings with Compuverde vNAS storage solution

Compuverde today announced that post-production company Istudios Visuals has decided to significantly expand its use of the Compuverde vNAS storage solution by doubling the storage capacity and giving its employees new real-time playback and editing capabilities directly on the NAS, even for high-bandwidth 5K raw footage.

A full case study is available, read the PDF here.

The decision was made following a one-year long partnership between the two companies, which enabled Istudios Visuals to create a high-performance production environment and achieve greatly improved levels of reliability, flexibility, redundancy and scalability.

Istudios Visuals is currently enjoying a 10x performance boost compared to the company's previous solution, as the number of IOPS has increased by a factor of 9.6. The transfer speed for read and write operations has reached up to 450 MB/s per storage node, a 400 percent increase compared to the company's previous solution.

Before entering the partnership with Compuverde, Istudios evaluated both traditional storage appliances and other software-defined storage (SDS) solutions and found that the appliances were too expensive and inflexible, while other SDS solutions lacked the needed features and could not live up to promised performance.

  • No more offline editing: Istudios Visuals can now perform real-time editing and playback of mission critical, high-bandwidth data directly on the NAS, without having to first migrate its projects to local workstations, thus saving time and money.
  • Redundancy and scalability: The erasure coding of 2+1 gives a data footprint of 150 percent while still allowing a node failure without data loss. Now that the cluster has been in production for about one year, it's time to double the capacity. This will allow for more erasure coding options with more redundancy and an even lower data footprint.
  • Systemic benefits: The move to Compuverde's vNAS storage solution has had a positive impact throughout Istudios, from team satisfaction to the reduction of Opex to a huge reduction of latency.

Anton Johansson, co-founder and director of IT Infrastructure at Istudios Visuals, said: "The ability to completely skip offline editing and use of proxies says it all. Compuverde's unique approach to software-defined storage frees us up to provide better service to our customers. Other solutions that we have been looking at, for doing this type of high-performance load, have been at least five to 10 times more expensive, without delivering the whole set of features that Compuverde does." 

Carl-Henric Möllerström, vice president at Compuverde,said: "Istudios has very specific needs, with a big turnover of data on a daily basis. Reaching high availability was just one factor, albeit the most important one. High performance, high flexibility and advanced storage features were also essential. Their situation presents a perfect use case for vNAS, which meets all of their needs and improves daily work life and customer satisfaction."

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