Compuverde now supports Virtual IP

Today Compuverde has announced the launch of a new feature to further enhance their existing feature-set. The new feature, namely Virtual IP, is designed to make one’s Compuverde storage solution highly available.

Virtual IP is designed to improve redundancy in storage network and act as a failover mechanism during hardware failures. Traditionally, a node failure in a storage network would cause an interruption of the storage service. However, with Virtual IP, your data transactions are automatically redirected to another healthy node thus ensuring that all your nodes are always appear active to the client system and are always available for data access. Additionally, the transfer of data operations during node failures are performed automatically and transparent to the end user.

Virtual IP

Consider that your client is currently running strenuous reads/writes to the first node in your cluster and the node fails during this operation. Traditionally, this would cause an interruption in service as the node is down.

With Virtual IP, the data operation is automatically transferred to another node in your cluster and this node would acquire the IP address of the dead node, thus continuing your data operations as normal. And when your original node is back online, the data access operations would later be restored to this node.

Hence, Compuverde’s Virtual IP provides for transparent node failover and a highly available cluster.

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