Compuverde introduces Metro

Compuverde Metro cluster is an enterprise-grade, high-availability solution that is designed to tolerate the loss of an entire data center with zero downtime. The solution has an industry-unique, unusually simple deployment, which requires a low-latency connection between the sites and eliminates the need for Fiber Channel, extra connectivity management, storage controllers or other types of added complexity. 

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Inprove IT Infrastructure Solutions has developed a bundle offering based on HGST and Mellanox hardware, powered with Compuverde software defined storage.

Koen de Jonge, CEO, Inprove IT Infrastructure Solutions, said: "As a supplier of IT infrastructure solutions based on open standards, our mission is to provide our customers with industry-leading technology that is flexible and doesn't require a lot of configuration or additional training. We have found that the Metro cluster from Compuverde is very easy to deploy. You can really feel the 'Swedish by design' philosophy. We appreciate the flexibility and freedom we have gained with this solution".

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The Metro cluster solution is a resilient active-active setup that synchronizes data between two separated physical locations, providing complete protection not only for "simple" problems like disk, server or network failure, but also for "worst-case" scenarios such as complete data center failure.

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