Compuverde announces partnership with Distilogix

Compuverde announces partnership with Distilogix. Distilogix is a true Value Added Distributor (VAD) focused on the development of software technologies that provide value to vendor partners, channel partners, and end customers alike.

Omar Kechrid, Founder of Distilogix says, “We are impressed with Compuverde’s ability to deliver a simple out of the box SDS solution. Within 30 minutes and combined with any commodity Hardware, it can deliver high performing and cost effective infinitely scalable storage.  This is completely in line with our vision of bringing to market software that can make an immediate impact in terms of features, functionality, and budget!”

Distilogix will be Compuverde Distributor in the UAE, African and Turkish regions and will help take the Compuverde brand into those markets.

Carl-Henric Möllerström, Vice President at Compuverde, “Distilogix have a very deep and wide knowledge of storage in general and SDS in particular. What we have seen so far from Distilogix really show cases this knowledge and they are exactly what we are looking for in a VAD. We are very eager to see how far we can take this partnership in the coming years.”

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