Being inconsistent is your worst enemy

If you are experienced with running data centers, you know that being inconsistent is your worst enemy.

Compuverde is a scale out storage solution that scales linearly by just adding new nodes to the cluster. Now, this is done while we keep being strictly consistent regardless which node you access in the cluster. An important thing is that the nodes are added or removed from the cluster without any performance impact.

Another essential consideration is compatibility. It's important for performance and stability, but especially to support the wide array of applications and clients that accesses your storage.

And then you need robustness to keep your data center up and running at all time. Even when servers, disks or NICs breaks or crashes, there should be a self-healing process and auto balance that kicks in automatically. But not only that, with Compuverde VIP the IP of the failing node is redirected to another healthy node in the cluster and the clients accessing it will not even noticing. Here its very crucial that the nodes are strictly consistent, and it is especially sensitive in VDI.

  • Rich set of features: Compuverde provides a rich set of file-related features that enterprises need in order to deal with unstructured data.
  • Strictly consistent: Compuverde implements its own file system and protocol code for a tightly connected solution, resulting in a distributed file system with strong consistency.
  • Share files between Virtual Machines (VMs): The hyper-converged solution with vNAS functionality enables the sharing of files between VMs rather than having to use an external NAS solution as shared storage.

Compuverde is the next generation of software defined storage, built to auto balance and self-heal. And this with all the flavors of storage in one package - NAS, SAN and object storage - to make the most out of the hardware stack, and get rid of storage silos with the massive overprovisioning that follows.


With top-class products that addresses hot market segments like vNAS, Hyperconverged virtualization and Hybrid Cloud, Compuverde is giving you much better control over your investments and future business expansion.

Compuverde’s vNAS disrupts the storage market, having the most flexible, user friendly and cost efficient SDS solution. These three parameters are critical for lowering the thresholds for our product adoption, accelerating the roll-out.

Try it out with the free 20 TB plan.

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