The story behind


The Compuverde proposition is a relatively new entry into the software defined storage industry. The people and experience behind the company is not.

From the beginning, Compuverde worked for both big consumer brands as well as more industrial B2B-companies and among their more significant developments is the foundation for a storage solution that still today is being used by telecom-, bank- and insurance companies in Scandinavia.

Over the years, the company's growing experience and competence evolved the deliveries towards an even bigger focus on big data solutions. During the same time, Stefan and his co-workers began work on their own software defined storage solution - much as a result of constantly having to experience less than perfect performance from products found on the market. Many years later and after some 800.000 lines of code, the team felt they were coming closer to a finished product when they met with prominent entrepreneur Mikael Blomqvist to define the next incarnation of the company. Focus was then to launch a product delivering both extreme performance, scalability and efficiency - something the big data world had never seen. Mikael, Stefan and the rest of the organization quickly came to the conclusion that the only way forward was through a truly converged compustorage approach. Now, with this revolutionary and globally patented solution in place, Compuverde's market success is history in the making.


Over the years

  Time line

Setting up of 3 Petabyte Test Centre and delivering early but strong statistics
Revised ownership and management structure in place
Release of the Compuverde brand and beta versions of product portfolio
Establishing cloud storage research agreement with BTH and Ericsson
Further refining resulting in extreme performance wins compared to market leaders
First instalment of 13 Petabyte container based showcase center
Research agreement with Stanford University
Release of evolved Compuverde software solution
2013 Q1
Fully Windows compatible 2013 Q1
Establishing strategic partnerships in Europe, North America and Asia 2013
Potential strategic partners performing tests in showcase installation 2013 Q3
VMware support 2013 Q3
KVM Support 2014 Q2
iSCSI Support 2015
Releasing Hybrid Cloud 2016 Q1



Our software is patented and the patent family consists of multiple patents and patent applications in EPO, USA, Eurasia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Mexico, South Korea and South Africa.