Quick & Easy setup in less than 30 minutes


Usability process


Just because something is at the forefront technology wise and is made out of the most innovative system architecture, does not mean the use of the same solution should be anything short of a walk in the park. With a solution from Compuverde, you can rest assured that you’ll get both the most advanced technology and the easiest user experience in the market.

  • Streamlined
  • Setup in less than 30 minutes
  • Experience turnkey product design
  • Right out of the box


1. Unconfigured servers + Compuverde software

Use already exisiting servers or order new once to install with Compuverde vNAS or Hyper-converged storage. Fully hardware independent.




2. Name the server

The second thing to do is enter the server name.






3. Connect to a network

Simply connect the servers to a network.




4. Run server wizard

In an easy manner from Compuverde Management Tool run the server wizard for each server to build your vNAS or Hyper-converged storage.





5. Run cluster wizard

After all servers are setup you one time only need to run the file system wizard to create a file system on your vNAS or Hyper-converged Storage.




6. Setup is complete

Done! The setup is complete and the vNAS or Hyper-converged storage solution is ready to use.