Delivering industry leading compustorage and based on constructive and innovative principles, Compuverde provides the entire software stack with storage, cache, multiple operating system and protocol integration in a completely converged solution with unparalleled quality.

The term "Compustorage" is relatively new and is best described as a big data storage solution where the execution (Compu) is co-located with the data (Storage). To quote Ashish Nadkarni at IDC:

"IDC recently published its taxonomy for Storage and Big Data. In it, converged systems are referred to as systems in which the compute, storage and networking components are bundled together under a single management console. The taxonomy referenced a newer breed of solutions known as CompuStorage clusters:

-Systems designed to combine compute and storage elements to form a single integrated solution.
-These are different from discrete converged systems wherein the compute, storage and networking elements are separate but are governed using a single management suite.
-They are variants of converged infrastructure solutions to minimize or eliminate movement of data to the compute layer and back"




Compustorage with virtual machines