Technological approach

Compuverde is built upon beliefs and principles. Beliefs that it must be possible to deliver a storage solution that is both cost and energy efficient while at the same time delivering unrivalled performance levels. And principles that are both radical and ground-breaking in the way the architecture of the solution is defined.

The Compuverde web-scale architecture enables the kind of storage flexibility that is critical to the future of business and the rise of the Internet of Things.

What -we -are _software Defined

What we are, Compuverde solution is built on software-defined principles, its hardware and O/S independent and much more.


Software defined in every sense - that is value and attitude that is the very base of Compuverde. Provided in the full software stack is the execution. From choosing which O/S to run the software on, through storage, gateway and all the way to protocol level, Compuverde could very well be the definition as to how a complete software defined prodcuct or service should be delivered.

The architecture of Compuverde is nothing short of exemplary. Developed with one purpose in mind - to provide a foundation upon which to build the best possible data storage solution - it shines through.


Compuverde has a game changing architecture, its clean, smart and symmetric.


sidModul - Architecture

No open-source

The software is developed fully by Compuverde and no open-source code is used.

sidModul - No open-source