About Compuverde

Data center engineer

Compuverde is a company within software defined storage (SDS), based in Sweden. Founded by a team of storage and software experts. Today Compuverde is an international team working with partners and customers around the world. Compuverde delivers solutions dedicated to both large consumer brands and industrial B2B-players in a number of different verticals such as service providers, telecom, banking, media and insurance companies.

Compuverde's revolutionary, energy efficient and globally patented solution, has made possible a hardware-agnostic storage platform that easily scales to hundreds of nodes, exabytes of data and trillions of files.

With top-class products that addresses hot market segments like vNAS, Hyperconverged virtualization and Hybrid Cloud, Compuverde is giving you much better control over your investments and future business expansion.

Compuverde’s software disrupts the storage market, having the most flexible, user friendly and cost efficient SDS solution. These three parameters are critical for lowering the thresholds for product adoption, accelerating the roll-out and scaling the business.

Compuverde approached the market in 2016 after six years of product development and substantial research. Compuverde came out with a much more mature software-defined storage solution than any other storage start-up company. Compuverde built vNAS from the ground up, without any third party solutions in it, which results in a robust and efficient solution unlike any other SDS.

Through our partner program we are rapidly increasing our coverage. We see the continuous addition of new partners as a key to realizing the potential in the market. 


Origins and heritage

Global by demand, Swedish by design, Compuverde is the perfect match between the clean, well structured and innovative heritage their Swedish origins represents.


From the start, the founders of Compuverde saw the global potential in what the company offered the market, developing and packaging their solution in a proposition equally suitable to a EMEA, APAC and American market.

When further developing the Compuverde product porfolio, the mix between these Swedish origins and global demands, continue to influence both functionality and user experience. All with Scandinavian clean architecture.


Over the years

  Time line

Setting up of 3 Petabyte Test Center
Establishing cloud storage research agreement with BTH and Ericsson
First installment of 13 Petabyte container based showcase center
Research agreement with Stanford University
Release of evolved Compuverde software solution
Establishing strategic partnerships in Europe, North America and Asia 2014
First customer in production 2015
Release of vNAS Hyperconverged and Metro Cluster 2016
Release of Hybrid Cloud 2017