A container or the future for software defined storage? Both actually.

Located in Karlskrona in the south of Sweden, Compuverde’s showcase installation is a unique hardware and software combination designed to show what the world’s most innovative storage software can do to mid-range hardware.

And within this steel cabinet, among these 13 Petabytes of pure processing power, lies the secret of it all – no matter the hardware, a solution using Compuverde will always go above and beyond expectations.


Container specification
Capacity: 13 Petabyte
Number of storage nodes: 120
Number of gateway nodes: 40
Number of hard drives: 4320
Network capacity: 200 Gbit/second
Virtual machines 1000
Measurements: 20 ft / 3,5 m /6 m (L / B / H)
Weight: 20 tons



The process of installing the show case



Outside of the up and running container.

Inside Of Up And Running Container

Inside of the up and running container.

Working In Showcase

Finishing getting all the hardware in place.


Ventilation installed on the container.

Gound and ContainerThe container landing on the ground, on its way to be filled with storage hardware.

Clouds and Container

The container physically stored in the cloud for a short while.

Container under construction

Photographic documentation of the first steps when preparing the container for multiple petabytes of storage.