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Compuverde Logotype


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Images to download


The Compuverde building.                           Compuverde building from a distance.

Headquarters Compuverde 1      Headquarters Compuverde 2

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Creative software engineers at work.           Mikael Blomqvist in a meeting.

At The Office _small         Mikael Blomqvist at desk

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Compuverde meetings in N.Y.                    Tech lead morning meeting.

In New York         Morning tech lead meeting

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Engineer in the test center.                         Test center.

Big data software engineer in test center       disks_small

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Portrait, Stefan Bernbo, CEO                        Full figure, Stefan Bernbo, CEO

Stefan Headshot - small      Stefan full figure - small

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Portrait, Mikael Blomqvist,                            Full figure, Mikael Blomqvist,            Executive Chairman                                       Executive Chairman

Mikael Blomqvist facial portrait      Mikael full figure - small

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Stefan Bernbo and Mikael Blomqvist           Show case container      

Mikael and Stefan inside Showcase Small      Container with ventilation open small

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Stefan Bernbo and Mikael Blomqvist  in front of the show case container.

Mikael and Stefan outside of Showcase Small

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Work in the test center.   

Work In Storage Testcenter _s
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