When a good idea collide with a catalyst that makes things happen, things most often do happen.

Renowned developer Stefan Bernbo had, together with his team, since long worked on the future for efficient big data handling. Of course they thought about the commercial implications for what they were about to put together, but more than that, it was a labour of love. They saw both risks and possibilities as the world turned towards bigger and bigger and data volumes in combination with greater use of cloud storage. After some 500.000 lines of code, the team felt they were coming closer to a finished product. Enter Mikael Blomqvist.

Mikael is a well known entrepreneur with an extensive track record from both bigger and smaller businesses. One of his bigger ventures was to transform cable isolation company Roxtec from a local initiative to a global player before selling the business to investors for an unprecedented sum.

When a brilliant idea teams up with extreme entrepreneurial experience, good things are bound to happen. Compuverde is such a thing.