About Compuverde

Data center engineer

Compuverde is an established player within the IT-industry and has purposefully attained a very high level of expertise in the field of data storage solution and cloud computing technology. With a focus on extreme scalability, reliability, system elasticity and cost savings, Compuverde both defined and create the future of storage solutions.

Combining high quality and dedication, we build up long-term relationships with our customers and partners. Teamed up with a top ranked University, well known partners within the telecom and IT industry and a mobile data center located in Silicon Valley, Compuverde is improving data storage solution by making it even more environmentally friendly, cost-effective and easier to manage.

Origins and heritage

Swedish by design, global by demand, Compuverde is the perfect match between the clean, well structured and innovative heritage their Swedish origins represents.


 From the start, the founders of Compuverde saw the global potential in what the company offered the market, developing and packaging their solution in a proposition equally suitable to a European, Asian and North American market.

When further developing the Compuverde product porfolio, the mix between these Swedish origins and global demands, continue to influence both functionality and user experience.

Compuverde's CEO about the solution

Film about Compuverde solution and big data cloud storage, explained by Stefan Bernbo, at the Telecomcity Catwalk 2012 event. In swedish.