Why Compuverde?

Compuverde has recognized the necessity to see storage as a strategic dimension in order to reach full effect and potential now and onwards. Storage is the last part of many total system setups to be transformed from fixed to flexible, from rigid to pragmatic.

Compuverde's hyperconverged storage solution is key to make this happen - with full virtualization, horizontal and vertical synchronization as well as scalability up to hundreds of nodes. Driven by the global move towards connectivity, distributed storage and "the internet of things", Compuverde is changing the industry completely and enabling the future of storage.

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News and updates from Compuverde

  • The Future of the Data Center – Solid State Drive

    The start of 2014 marked a shift in the world of data centers from traditional hard drive disk (HDD) to solid state drive (SSD) -based storage systems.

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  • More than a Flash in the SAN

    The votes have been counted, and the decision is in: 2014 is the year of the all-flash data center.

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  • The Power of Virtualization in Changing Data Center Infrastructure

    Today's world is defined by an overwhelming variety of technologies designed to simplify our lives. So much so, that they become an integral part of our daily routines.

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  • 2014 Storage – Scale Up, Scale Out or Converge?

    As we start 2014, storage is changing. The familiar dual controller, scale up architecture is potentially being replaced by a new set of architectures.

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  • Cost Savings Upgrades for Today's Data Center

    Cloud computing is paving the way for a whole new way of experiencing content.

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  • The Rise Of Scale Out Storage

    Virtualisation helped solve It problems, but created more issues, that only scale out architectures can solve

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  • Ghosts in the Machine - Virtualization and the Next Generation of Storage Architecture

    The boom of cloud services and the rapidly-growing demand for more storage has turned virtualization into a hot commodity.

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  • Compuverde Expands Network-Attached and Virtual Machine Storage Options

    Compuverde’s flagship storage solution is now engineered to support “extreme” data storage requirements, encompassing both scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) and virtual machine (VM) environments, according to the vendor.

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