Our software defined solutions stands for three simple things. Performance, redundancy, TCO.

Compuverde is the only hardware-agnostic, hyper converged, fully flash-enabled, web scale vNAS solution in the world.

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What is Compuverde?

Compuverde supports today's as well as tomorrow's storage needs by providing a software defined and horizontally aligned storage platform.
A platform that is both completely hardware agnostic and fully flash compliant - meaning you don't need to look any further - the Compuverde web-scale architecture enables the kind of flexibility that is critical to the future of storage business and the rise of Internet of Things.

Swedish by design, global by demand, Compuverde is the perfect storage example of the clean, well structured and innovative heritage their Swedish origins represents. With a solution that delivers cutting edge technology combined with industry-leading performance and redundance - all with best-in-class total cost of ownership.

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Flash support

By using a solution from Compuverde, you take full advantage of systems with built-in cache, improving the performance levels of your septup significantly.

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Self-healing cluster

All data is stored in multiple copies and possibly geographically separated locations within the cluster. When a disk or a storage node breaks down, the cluster self-heals

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Because the storage cluster is built on a symmetric architecture, linear scaling up to hundreds of Peta bytes and billions of files is achieved.

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vNAS solution

A vNAS setup using Compuverde offers multiple entry points and removes potential bottlenecks.

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  • Single filesystem spanning over all servers
  • Native support for protocols
  • Flash support for high performance
  • Flexible scale-out by adding nodes

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Hyper-converged solution

Smart virtualization is key. Compuverde delivers a truly hyper-converged industry leading storage solution.

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  • Run hypervisor and VM’s in same server as storage
  • Use of cache for performance
  • Synchronized cache for fast live migration
  • Synchronized to storage for redundancy

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Pay for what you get

Our business model for storage is by far the easiest one there is to understand. Purely based on storage size, you can relax and feel comfortable in every step of the process - there will be no hidden costs, no surprises. And in addition, we promise to create the best possible pricing structure to fit your organisation's specific needs.

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30 minute setup as easy as A-B-C

Just because something is at the forefront technology wise and is made out of the most innovative system architecture, does not mean the use of the same solution should be anything short of a walk in the park.

  • Streamlined and optimized
  • Setup in less than 30 minutes
  • Turnkey Swedish user design
  • Working right out of the box

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Smart and efficient management

Manage, monitor and control the entire cluster from any node through a simple graphical user interface. The Compuverde management and monitoring console is running in an Windows environment and makes it easy regardless if the storage cluster is of a size at 100TB, 1PB or 10+PB.

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